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Hay Producer Enrollment Form

Enrollment eligibility is limited to Farms physically located within the state of Arkansas.
Farm Name
Farm Owner
Physical Address (Street)
(Zip) (County)
Mailing Address Mailing Address Same as Physical Address
(Street or PO Box)
Daytime Phone Number (xxx) xxx-xxxx
Nighttime Phone Number (xxx) xxx-xxxx
List all hay types and amounts that are available: (ex: 300 bales 2nd cut bermuda; 200 bales mixed grass).
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Select bale type and approximate bale size. Check all that apply.
Small Squares 45 - 55 lbs.     55 - 65 lbs. 65 - 75 lbs. > 75 lbs.
Large Squares 450 - 650 lbs. 650 - 850 lbs. 850 - 1050 lbs. > 1050 lbs.
Large Rounds   450 - 650 lbs. 650 - 850 lbs. 850 - 1050 lbs. > 1050 lbs.

What time of year is hay available?
January February March April May June
July August September October November December

What services are available?
Hay tests for each hay lot Pre-Purchase for later delivery
Delivery within miles Pre-Purchase for later pick up by buyer
Buyer must pick up hay at farm. Loading for buyers with advanced notice
Priced by: Bale
Additional hay description if any:
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By completing this form I understand that the information provided on this form will be posted on the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service website.